Couple Arrested for Leaving Children in Cold Car During Court Visit

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A couple is arrested for leaving their children in a cold car.

A couple is facing additional charges after going to court. The pair from Evansville reportedly left their three children inside of a cold car.

Police were sent to the scene after someone walked by the vehicle and heard a child crying. Officers immediately noticed three small kids in the vehicle, aged 7 months, 23 months and 3 years old.

The car had been locked but one of the windows was broken containing only tape as a barrier. Police peeled back the adhesive layer and spoke to the oldest child.

The 3-year-old claimed his parents ordered him to put a bottle in the baby’s mouth every time she cried. Once officers ran the plate, they were able to locate the adult male who was in Misdemeanor Court. The woman was taken into custody a little while later

The couple was charged with three counts of Child Neglect.

Last year, a Florida mom was charged after she allegedly left her then 5-month-old baby in a cold car, while she went into a supermarket to steal cheese. Police were called and made their way towards the vehicle where they noticed the child screaming. The mother was immediately arrested.