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    GLEE CAP- "Girls (And Boys) On Film" 500th Song Recap 04x15


    by ClevverMusic

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    Glee is back after Emma left Will at the altar, and we found out Rachel might be pregnant, here's your GLEE CAP for the episode titled, "Girls (And Boys) On Film"! You're watching your Glee recap on ClevverMusic! The episode saw Glee's 500th song and paid homage to classic films and starts with a Fred Astaire black-and-white movie scene of Emma and Will in tuxedos singing "You're All the World to Me" from 'Royal Wedding'.

    However, that was just a dream. In Glee club the assignment for the week is "Favorite Songs from Favorite Movies" and the winner will get a role in Artie's new film. Finn who is still around for some reason takes it upon himself to help Mr. Shu find his runaway bride. Blaine prompts the club to sing "Shout" from "Animal House" and his dance moves were exceptional, take a look at the 500th song!

    Over in NYC, Santana has moved in with Kurt and Rachel who are snowed in, and Santana is causing some tension among the roommates. They decide to watch Moulin Rouge and we see Blaine take over the movie singing "Come What May" with a special cameo from Kurt on a snow laden rooftop.
    Santana has gone through Brody's stuff and found a wad of cash and a pager- and she claims he's a drug dealer. In Glee club, for their assignment the boys perform "Old Time Rock and Roll/ Danger Zone" mashed up from Risky Business and Top Gun to honor Tom Cruise, take a look.

    The girls perform a mashup of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and "Material Girl" in hot pink gowns and of course- diamonds. Will finds Emma hiding at her sister's house (thanks to her parents) and serenades her with Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" with help from the Glee club, in an attempt to win her back. Emma reveals she felt distant from Will when he got back from DC and they decide to start over.

    Also in the romance department Jake apologizes for lying to Marley and they recreate the scene from Ghost and sing "Unchained Melody," except it all goes wrong when Marley confesses to kissing Ryder. In the end of the episode, the entire club wins the mashup competition, Santana finds out Rachel pregnant, Finn tells Mr. Shu he kissed Emma and the club ends with "Footloose." What was your favorite performance from the 500th episode?! Thanks for watching our Glee Cap on ClevverMusic, I'm Misty and I'll see you soon guys!