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    Transgender MMA Fighter Wants to Spar with Women in UFC


    by Buzz60

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    That link did not work out . Here are some good keys --
    At least Mike Tyson didn't insult human intelligence like this.

    Someone who isn't satisfied with himself or herself the way God made him or her has no g-g-g-guts and, therefore, have no business fighting anyone.

    Men don't know the difference between Tampax and Ob.

    Women don't know what a kick in the gonads feels like, or why putting ice on it won't help.

    Go see Tootsie, White Chicks, Nuns on the Run, Just One of the Guys, etc.
    By dbnydnvn3 years ago
    I really want to see how this whole saga ends, and if it's determined that she has some sort of advantage left over from her days as a dude. Admittedly, Fallon's muscles were smaller than the chick she is shown fighting, but she ultimately dusted her in a one-sided contest. Raises questions as to whether her former manliness just pushes her through to almost always be stronger than the woman on the other side of the ring.
    By malik3243 years ago