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    FIRExFIRE - "We Didn't Know"


    by firexfiremusic

    From the debut album "Signals"
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    Director: Karl E. Richter
    DP: Henry Sansom
    Artwork by Gigo Elmoselhi

    Music by C. Graham, S. Winter, B. Winter & J. Fedorsen
    Lyrics by C. Graham
    Produced by FIRExFIRE
    Recorded by Justin Zoltek & Chris Graham
    Mixed by Dan Weston
    Mastered by Harris Newman

    The temperature is rising / And no one knows where to go / It's coming out of everything / And we need someone to show / There's no idea / How to leave this town easily / The aperture, we view a thing / It alters every day / The future's surprising / Until you throw it away / I've no idea / Cause you're twice my age, right here / And then we scream to the world... / We didn't know / We didn't know / We didn't know / We didn't know / We didn't know / We didn't know / Growing up with everything / You never knew where to start / But showing up is everything / You had my right from the start / There's no right thing / You could say right here to me / And so we scream to the world...

    © 2012 Fire X Fire