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On the road with a busy touring schedule (including a European tour with Stuart Price's Zoot Woman), Scarlet Soho discovered musical styles that were new to them, that excited them.
After-parties played a heady mix of Italo-disco, French house and minimal techno. Each member of the band discovered new favourite tracks which quickly found their way onto the tour bus stereo for the long drives between shows.

These new influences shaped Scarlet Soho's direction as they wrote the follow-up to their critically acclaimed second album and lead them to experiment with producers and mixers from all over the world, creating a new sound. The new EP incorporates these fresh ideas and sounds but remains instantly recognizable as a Scarlet Soho record; dance tracks laden with James' soaring vocals and tight harmonies, Stu's incandescent synth hooks punctuated by meaty disco beats and Scarlet's precise, punchy bass playing.

The lead track, When the Lights Go Out was mixed by Graham Laybourne at Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg (Falco, Boytronic, Depeche Mode) and boasts the band's biggest chorus to date. The line "I'll go anywhere... You're never around..." glistens with longing and makes the near-impossible leap from headphone moment to dance floor filler with ease.

What You Need shows an unexpected side to the band; sweeping the listener up into a hypnotic cacophony of synth bass and bleeps. Retail Therapy, a previously unreleased track written during the Warpaint sessions, has been resurrected and remodelled to reach the glittering heights of an undeniable pop anthem. Haunting club mix WTLGO Tokytron remix by Toph Taylor (formerly of Trouble Over Tokyo) and a shorter radio edit of the lead track complete the EP.

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