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    The Journey That Lead Me To The Top - YouTube

    Christian Suprean

    by Christian Suprean

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    This is the story of the journey of how I got started in the Internet network marketing world to where I am at today.

    There was a lot of things that needed to take place the first thing that took place was I got crappy raises from my job for about four years straight.

    I decided from those crappy raises to become an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

    So I was on the Internet for year just doing a lot of research on how I can make money from home.

    Finally one day I was driving home from work and I got a phone call from 800 number that I normally would not answer because I thought it would be a bill collector but for some reason I decided to answer that day and it ended up being somebody pitching me a deal about some gas enhancement product that I can become an affiliate.

    I jumped on it and about 3 months later I was scrolling on Facebook and came across a guy name Ryan who I was friends with on Facebook and just somewhat new outside of Facebook that said he was going to be teaching at a seminar the next week.

    So I went to the seminar and at the seminar the second half of the seminar was a company talking about I could send out video emails and make my video my emails look like my website.

    So I jumped into that deal and about six months later a guy named Drew who was our team leader called the conference call and told us on this conference call that he found a tool a system that would help us market our company online.

    So we jumped into that system and inside of that system they told us we needed to create a blog so I tried to create a blog for about eight weeks couldn't figure it out I would preview it and it would look good but and then I would publish it and it would look like crap.

    So I called a guy named Desmond Akil Smith And asked him if there was any way that he could help me with my blog and he said Christian just pay $25 and get into the Empower Network and have your blog set up for you within two minutes.

    Now I am able to wake up with my kids every single day before school because I work from home and was able to leave my job thanks to the Empower Network.

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