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    Fireknife Longboarding - Hawaii - 2011

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    Kap and I were enjoying a drink of homemade cocoa samoa one evening and I mentioned to him about the wheel we would be releasing, the "Fireball" by Puka Wheels. He mentioned how funny it would be to fireknife dance on a longboard. We decided that we should try to put it together. We called our Amazing friend Mark Lee of Holladay Photo.This is us having fun and enjoying Kaps mad skills and talents at an undisclosed location on Oahu.

    Please visit Kaps site and check out his awesome art (and buy a few pieces in will be impressed!) and great other videos like "man vs. Beast 2" and PCC promo videos.

    Videography by Mark Lee of Holladay Photo is an amazing photographer/videographer and you MUST check his stuff on his site, especially if you are coming to Oahu!

    Jacob of Cubworld sang the song and it is not yet fully released and is exclusive to our video...for now. Check out Cub at and even hit up for a FREE download of :Wise Words"

    The new Puka Fireball is a 76mm x 53mm 83a skateboard wheel. The shape is a deep dish wheel with a harder durometer giving you the control and grip through corners that you need but also the hardness you want if you need to pull out some smooth slides.

    Puka Wheels is based on the North Shore of Oahu in Kahuku. We are working hard to come up with our next release...the Hot Dog! (for real) A 62mm x 53mm 83a wheel with an even deeper dish to give you the hardness you want but the sticky walls you need.


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