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    Order and Chaos Online for Facebook is Live - Overview and Gameplay


    by jojopetv

    Brief overview and announcment of the MMORPG Facebook app, "Order and Chaos Online". I've created an on-going weekly series about this game. A New Episode every Wednesday. Check out all the episodes here:

    Facebook link for Order and Chaos Online -

    If you have any questions about this game, please leave a comment and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. This can be a kind of forum like that for this game.

    Add me in the Game, my name is Caleigh cause she's a sessy purple elf. Skizzle


    How much is the service for the game?
    10 FB Credits or $1 for 1 month
    20 FB Credits or $2 for 3 months
    30 FB Credits or $3 for 6 months

    Are the servers compatible with iOS and/or Android Servers?
    No, not at this time

    Is there anything different about this version of the game. the UI is different in terms of layout, but other than that, not that I can see.