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    Incognito by Roddy McGhie and David Forrest - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Roddy has been quietly carving out a name for himself for the last few years as a creator of awesome off-beat routines and crazy-clever gimmicks - Incognito is a perfect example of why theres so much buzz
    On this DVD you will learn THREE killer effects - PHILOGRAPHY WALTZER and CARD SHARK - all using Roddys ingenious Incognito gimmick (enclosed). Imagine beign able to
    -Cause a spectators signature to visually jump from one card to another in PHILOGRAPHY
    -Merge two signed selections into one bizzare double-faced monster in WALTZER(PDF artwork included)
    -Have half a spectators signed selection appear in the belly of a rubber fish in CARD SHARK
    Running Time Approximately 32 min