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    Booked by Steve Valentine - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Have you ever performed a gaffed book test and had someone yell DO IT WITH MY BOOK
    Well now you can with Steve Valentines BOOKED
    On this DVD Steve shares his closely guarded secrets honed through thousands of real world performances. You not only tell them the WORD they are thinking of YOU PREDICT IT ANYWHERE ANYTIME and with ANY BOOK.
    As a Bonus Steve reveals his extreme variations on the Pegasus Page plot. Including the ultimate version where a freely chosen and SIGNED page is found RIPPED from a book and stuck to the OUTSIDE of a window. And the best part you can give them the BOOK and PAGE to keep as a souvenir.
    It doesnt get any better than this. THESE ARE FORMIDABLE 100 COMMERCIAL MIRACLES.
    Ive been running the lectures at the Magic Castle for over 30 years. This is by far the greatest book test Ive ever seen and Ive seen them all.
    - Lee Delano Magic Castle Hollywood
    A real worker from someone who has obviously performed this gem for years in his own shows. Highly highly recommended.
    - Chipper Lowell
    I saw this done by Steve 15 or more years ago and I remembered it to this day. Im shelving my other book tests The wait has been long and I applaud Steve for finally opening his vault to release this. BOOKED is a winner
    - Joe Monti