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    Business Mentality by Benji Bruce - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The Business Mentality Audio Course
    9 Hours of business training on how to think like an entrepreneur not a magician. This audio course trains you to run a business as an entertainer and reprogram your brain to think from a business perspective. Whats in the course
    1. Psychological Mastery - Hidden strategies of super successful people and what they do right in their business
    2. Time Mentality - How to use your time productively to get more work done in a week than most magicians get done in a year.
    3. Money Conscious - The key thought patterns successful people have about money that allows them to make more of it.
    4. Marketing Mindset - Training your brain to think about marketing all the time so you can get more high paying gigs than other entertainers.
    5. The 1 Business Skill - If you dont master this skill then your business will die. Magicians dont book gigs because they dont know how to use this skill.
    6. Autopilot Thinking - Developing the mindset that allows others to do the marketing for you so you can just do the shows.
    7. Conversation Framing - Influence triggers that get people to hire you.
    8. Will Smith Mentality - A breakdown of actor Will Smiths Mentality that comes directly from his interviews and how you can apply this to your business.
    9. Paradigm Shift - Once you listen to this audio you will never see your magic business as the same.
    10. Hustle Mentality - Reveals the most important mindset that separates the super successful from the people who just get by.
    11. Building Your Empire - Thought patters that will help you grow your business.
    12. Entrepreneur Struggle - A no-holds-bar audio that gives you the truth about running a business. This is not for the weak.
    Bonus Audio - Lessons From The Sharks
    Have you seen the show Shark Tank Its a show with millionaire and billionaire investors that get pitched by entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses more successful. This audio pe