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    Inscrutable (2 DVD set) by Joseph Barry and Alakazam - Magic Trick

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    by World Of Magic

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    Alakazam Magic Are Proud To Present
    Inscrutable By Joseph Barry
    Inscrutable marks the debut of one of magics rising stars. On this incredible 2 disc collection Joseph shares some of his prized routines moves subtleties and thoughts.
    Ranging from self-working miracles to the more advanced masterpieces Joseph covers every aspect in full detail.
    Including over 20 routines and more than 3hrs of footage you will learn some of the most powerful practical and seriously fooling routines even caught on film.
    Disk 1
    Prediction v1
    Prediction v2
    Psychological spread force Simple math
    They match
    Spread switch
    Spread triumph
    Spread Strip out shuffle
    Hofzinsers aces
    Flow ace production
    Count to aces
    Think stop Subconscious poker 10-card poker stack
    Disk 2
    LLL peek
    Centre deal
    Stand up royal flush/ace selection Jazz gambling Demo
    4 stop
    Fair deal v1
    Fair deal v2
    In hands riffle faro shuffle technique
    Out of this world
    Matching the poker hand Memory poker
    Spectator poker dealer Mental selection
    Riffle strip out shuffle Table Faro technique
    Every so often someone walks through our door at Alakazam and I instantly know we have something special. From the moment Joe showed me his first effect I was totally hooked Joes magic is devastatingly fooling interesting in presentation amp best of all achievable to us mere mortals. I am so proud to be able to offer you this fantastic 2 disc collection by Joseph Barry Peter Nardi
    Some of the best card work Ive ever seen absolutely mesmerising bewildering and above all inspiring. Daniel Madison
    Joseph barry is an exciting new talent on the card scene combining original moves and bold methods with an insight into how lay people really think. You never know quite what to expect and you will be fooled. Justin Higham
    I met Joseph Barry at The Session convention. He blew me away with his card magic. All his effects are direc