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    Pentagram Vol.6 by Wild-Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Two decks of cards. You and the spectator pick a card each from each deck and of course they match
    SIMPLE PREDICTION (Alex Elmsley)
    Two spectators each select a card. The cards have been predicted
    FINESSE 1 AND FINESSE 2 (Peter Warlock)
    Two clever utility moves you will want to use for any standard cut and restored rope routine
    THE G.D. COIN FOLD (Gus Davenport) A coin is wrapped in a piece of paper and it vanishes. The feature here is that the coin REALLY is wrapped all around with the paper
    LAKLITE 2 (Peter Warlock and Jack Avis)
    Cards are mixed face up and face down and you will be able to separate them without looking at them
    SUBROGATION (Francis Haxton)
    An odd colored card in a deck matches a card selected by a spectator. Then the odd-colored card turns out to be a Joker and the selected card is a Joker as well
    POINT OF DEPARTURE (Alex Elmsley)
    A chosen card is placed between the two black Aces. The card disappears and it is found in your pocket
    THE SIGMA SPELLER (George P. Sanderson)
    Four THOUGHT OF CARDS are found by spelling their names. Can be done in any language
    MATCHSPELL (Peter Warlock) A matching coincidence which is both easy and very strong
    MATCHING MATES (Francis Haxton)
    You place a card face down on the table and a spectator selects three more cards. They all match (say all Kings)
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