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    Simply Impromptu Vol.3 by Wild-Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Using only the face cards (Kings Queens and Jacks) you magically separate them into three groups (all Kings all Queens all Jacks)
    DOUBLE TALK (Richard Vollmer)
    Two spectators each select a card. Both cards are lost. The spectators find them without the magician even touching the cards (or so it seems)
    LADY SPELL (Jon Racherbaumer)
    A card is selected and lost. A spectator names a name of a woman and when it is spelled the last card reveals the selection
    THIRTEEN DOWN (Peter Duffie)
    You place a prediction in view. A spectator selects a card and this card is found thanks to a magical procedure part of which uses the prediction
    THE KINGS AND I (Aldo Colombini)
    The four Kings are shuffled into the deck and revealed in a surprising manner
    ELEVON (Aldo Colombini)
    A unique elevator routine using the AC 2C and 3C with a stunning finish
    THE GIPSY SHUFFLE (Tom Daugherty)
    Two cards are selected and at the end they are revealed in a very magical and surprising way
    SLOSHED OR SOBER (Paul Gordon)
    Under seemingly impossible conditions a spectator finds two mates in a shuffled deck
    MIDNIGHT (Aldo Colombini)
    Two Jacks vanish from one packet and reappear reversed in another packet with a selected card between them
    BRIDGES (Aldo Colombini)
    Two spectators freely select a card from two packets. Dealing cards from the two packets simultaneously the two cards show up at the same time
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