James McAvoy Talks X-Men, Wanted 2 & The Crow

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James McAvoy's name has been tossed around a lot lately here at ClevverMovies, and deservingly so because the actor has a pretty busy shooting schedule these days. You all probably know by now that McAvoy is returning as Charles Xavier in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, which starts shooting here in a couple of months, but the actor admits that he hasn't even read the script yet! Yeah, he dished to Getty Images Entertainment saying quote "The X-Men script? It's in my inbox. I've still got to read it. I'm very excited about it, but I've just been doing so much of this (interviews) and working at night (in Macbeth in London's West End) so I'm starting work at 9 and don't finish until midnight so I'm not being flippant. I honestly can't wait to read it and find out what I'm doing, but I've just got no time right now ."Sounds like he needs a vacation!
McAvoy also talked about his rumored connection with the remake of the 1994 cult film, The Crow, which a lot of you out there were really excited about....and guys, it didn't seem like he was on board. He said quote "It's not for real. I don't think it's materialized into anything truthful yet. It's just been rumor mill stuff." So that's kinda a bummer, but what about Wanted 2? There has been talk for quite some time that there was going to be a sequel but it seems like the decision makers are taking their time with it. McAvoy said that they wouldn't move forward unless they were quote "100% passionate about it." But he did say that if they got a good story, he would would be interested. While nothing was confirmed in this sit down, I still have a feeling we are going to see more and more of McAvoy on the big screen really soon. Besides his busy shooting schedule in Days of Future Past, he also has Welcome To The Punch hitting theaters March 27th as well as The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby coming out in September. So, there is still time for him to make some decisions on some of these other films. So, how do you all feel about James McAvoy? Do you think we are going to see a lot more him on the big screen? And, do you want to? Make sure to leave us your thoughts on this story, and sub to us here at ClevverMovies by just clicking that subscribe button! And, while you're here, check out some of our other videos too! Thank you all, so much, for watching us here. Until next time, Im Erin White.