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    Great-Granny Inspires 89 Acts of Kindness

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    A deceased great-granny inspired 89 acts of kindness.

    Virginia E. Booth, an 89-year-old great-grandmother from Virginia recently passed away. During her life, she passed on some invaluable life lessons to her family.

    The retired teacher’s great-granddaughter, Samantha Manns wants to carry on Booth’s legacy, honoring her by showing 89 acts of kindness toward others.

    As her first gesture, she went through the drive-through at a McDonald’s and paid for the family behind her.

    She looked in her rearview mirror and witnessed the female driver crying when the employee explained to her why she didn’t have to pay. Mann’s has created an “89 Acts” Facebook page highlighting the good deeds and hopes to inspire others to do the same thing.

    Manns states “It’s awesome. It feels so good to help other people. I want people to realize there’s still some good in the world — restore some faith in humanity.”

    It’s widely known that doing good makes people happy. A research professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Carolyn Schwartz wanted to see if support phone calls from multiple sclerosis sufferers would help others who had the same disease.

    To her surprise, the listeners lending an ear saw drastic improvements in their happiness and quality of life, even more than the people who they were trying to help.