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    106-Year-Old Receives High School Diploma

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    A 106-year-old receives a high school diploma.

    You are never too old to be a student.

    A 106 year old man has just received his high school diploma.
    Fred Butler dropped out of school after eighth grade to work full time at a printing shop in order to help support his mother and five younger siblings.

    Now he has great great grandchildren, but he never forgot about not being able to finish high school.

    He received an honorary diploma from Beverly High School where his grandson is currently a sophomore. Butler would reportedly talk a lot about how he wasn’t able to earn his diploma, but now he can rest easy with the sheepskin in hand.

    In another story, 88-year-old, World War II veteran, Howard Hurwitz graduated from the Atlantic Technical Center with a degree in medical coding and billing
    Hurwitz, a native of the Bronx, was self-employed for years prior to deciding to enroll in college. He began researching a new career path for himself after making the decision to stop operating a janitorial supply company.

    The last time Hurwitz was inside a classroom was in 1947 and trying to find his high school transcripts from 1942 proved difficult, but were finally found in an old warehouse.