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    Russell Crowe Uploads YouTube Video of 'UFO'

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    Russell Crowe records video footage of a 'UFO'.

    Do you think every UFO sighting has been a hoax so far?

    The highly acclaimed actor, Russell Crowe would disagree with you.

    Recently, he released a video on YouTube which supposedly shows a UFO passing by his office in Sydney. Lasting only a little over 20 seconds, the footage seems to show vibrant lights moving across the horizon.

    Crowe had set up a camera to record fruit bats flying in the Botanic Gardens, however upon review, the 48-year-old actor got the extraterrestrial surprise.

    Many viewers understandably are skeptical of the video, but Crowe insists it's real.

    Let's hope this turns out to be true - just the idea that Russell Crowe was the first to report on a legitimate UFO would be awesome.

    According to a National Geographic survey, 80 million Americans believe that unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, piloted by extra terrestrials are real. One in ten people surveyed are convinced that they have seen a UFO, and 79 percent of the survey takers think that the government is covering up information about UFOs.