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    Dog Alerts Owner of Alligator in Yard

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    A dog alerts its owners of alligator in backyard.

    Most loyal dogs will alert their owner when something is wrong. Recently, a 1-year-old beagle in Desert Hot Springs California made some noise after he noticed an intruder in the backyard.

    The homeowner claims the pooch has been known to go a little crazy when a spider or other typical house creature made an appearance but this time it was different. An alligator was in the yard.

    An animal control officer was called to the scene. A three-foot long juvenile gator was stuck between two fences. It was safely pulled out with help from a dog leash and sent to a nearby animal shelter.

    Given that gators are rare in the desert, it is likely someone had kept it as a pet.

    Last year, a 66-year-old Florida grandfather had been trimming a tree near his home, while his dog, named Bounce played by the water. Unfortunately a gator was also lurking in the pond and grabbed Bounce by the collar, swimming off with him.

    The granddad jumped straight into the pond and pushed the 130-pound reptile's head downwards, while shoving it hard. Bounce was soon freed from the alligator's jaws.