Chinese Woman Using Fake Pregnant Bellies for Subway Seats

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Chinese women using fake pregnant bellies for subway seats.

In major cities, it's not easy finding a seat on public trains or buses. Most people have their own strategy for finding one.

Some women in China are taking this to another level. One woman in Beijing reportedly wore a fake silicone belly on a subway.

She hoped that people would feel sorry for her and offer her a seat, thinking she was pregnant. The lady claimed she bought the stomach online, but when she sported it on the train, the belt which attached it to her waist loosened. The fake pregnant belly fell to the ground in front of the train passengers.

According to The Beijing News , the so-called “pregnancy pads” are a hot item. Chinese women are forking over anywhere from $50 to $100 for the fake pregnant bellies.

One online retailer offers customers an overwhelming amount of choices, from different trimester sizes to twin stomachs which are even larger. Their original purpose to be used as stage pros.

How far would you go to get a seat?