Bob Dylan Lays Off 2,000 Workers From Songwriting Factory

The Onion

by The Onion

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I understand. But all jokes, at bottom, have serious content, and so they should be deployed with care.

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By greenlantern4 2 years ago
It's a . . JOKE. .
By ktz2 2 years ago
This seems like a silly jab at a great artist. Of course Dylan’s lyrics have been on a downhill course for decades, but so what? Most great artists reach a peak that they can’t sustain. This video seems juvenile and silly. But maybe The Onion as a whole is juvenile and silly. I don’t follow it so I don’t really know, but that’s the impression left by this group of Onion videos here.
By greenlantern4 2 years ago
Et il reste quelqu'un?
By Jean-Louis Cayla 2 years ago