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Introduction Public Event on Innovative Technologies for Consumer Goods Industry.
Rosanna Fornasiero (ITIA-CNR): The IMS-MTP initiative on "Innovative Technologies for Consumer Goods Industry".
28 February 2013. Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia.
Organized by the IMS-MTP YourGoods, IBV and ITIA-CNR.

IMS-MTP initiative YourGoods has been created to foster the collaboration among various FP7 projects (CoReNet, Fashion-able, MyWear and and partners from Europe, Mexico, USA and Switzerland in the area of Consumer Goods.
YourGoods event aims at creating a knowledge sharing basis bridging from research and scientific world to industrial companies in the consumer goods area.
The aim of this public event organized by the IMS-MTP initiative YourGoods together with IBV and ITIA-CNR is to extend the scope of each single project sharing research and industrial experiences on topics like:
- Closing the gap between customer requirements and design and configuration of innovative products and services to ensure wellbeing as well as fashionable goods.
- Identification of materials, components as well as industrial technologies to fulfill customers requirements in new fl exible and adaptable production systems.
- Settings up sustainable supply networks based on distributed and collaborative environments to ensure coordination of actors with different capabilities and competences.

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