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Short film. A man returns home after a rough day at work. While waiting for a traffic light to change he loses himself in thoughts.

Shot on canon 5d and canon 60d.
Once again this is no budget production.
Director: Karol Kołodziński
Camera Operator: Paweł Mazurkiewicz, Karol Kołodziński
Cast: Tomek Szymański, Irena Jakuszewska, Radosław Krzepkowski
Anthony Raijekov - Lightout
Matti Paalanen - Here comes the rain
Chill Carrier - Waves of tension
CC licenced music from jamendo.com

Thanks to: Joanna Paździórko, Magdalena Komorek, Irena Rozbicka, Daniel Korzeniowski, Paweł Nolbert and whole cast for patience, critique and involvement. Also thanks to Paweł Mazurkiewicz for great engagement and equipment support.

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MYLIFE...only the End;)but i dont Care..or..
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