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    Real Estate Agent Caught on Video Stealing Woman's Underwear


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    A real estate agent is caught on video stealing a woman's underwear.

    During a sale, it's common to give real estate agents access to our homes.

    In an alarming incident recently, a home surveillance camera caught a real estate agent swiping a woman’s underwear and other garments from a house that was on the market in Arlington County, Maryland.

    The homeowner checked the footage after his wife claimed that several of her personal belongings were missing. The video depicts 60-year-old Stephen Brumme going through drawers and stealing feminine possessions.

    Police arrested and charged him with burglary and possession of burglarious tools. His real estate license was also suspended.

    The most troubling part is that Brumme has had access to hundreds of homes for sale and law enforcement authorities are urging the public to contact them if any items are or have been discovered missing.

    In 2010, another man was arrested for swiping women’s panties. The 58-year-old from Wisconsin was charged with three misdemeanor counts of theft after he arrived at real estate open houses and sifted through drawers to steal women's undergarments.