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    Speeding Truck Hits a Woman: Caught on Camera

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A woman who is run over by a truck survives.

    India has among the highest rate of road accidents in the world. Roads in large cities can be particularly chaotic.

    Recently, an unthinkable accident was caught on camera after a woman on a scooter was struck by a truck.

    The incident happened in Nagpur, India.

    Surveillance footage shows the scooter weaving into the truck’s lane. Both vehicles continue moving, but the lorry’s speed causes it to plow straight into the scooter.

    It looks as though she bounces off the street and is hit by the truck’s front tire.

    Amazingly, the woman gets up after the horrific accident and chases after the truck and her bike.

    In 2008, another woman survived the unthinkable. After arguing with a police officer, a Swedish lady ran across a busy highway.

    She was run over by a lorry truck. Amazingly, she got up, hit and threw a police officer on the ground and continued running across the highway. Eventually officers caught up with her, taking 5 of them to restrain her.