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    Woman Working as a Chicken Sitter

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    A woman in Portland makes money as a chicken sitter.

    There are baby sitters. Then there are dog sitters. How about chicken sitters?

    Believe it or not, a Portland woman has indeed found work as a chicken sitter.

    Linda Walker has posted fliers in the area advertising her qualities in the art of watching over and taking care of chickens. Desperately needing a job, she decided to utilize her skills with domestic fowls.

    Aspects of the messy job include sorting eggs, feeding and cleaning up after them. Walker says there’s not too much difference between babysitting and chicken watching.

    Experience is definitely needed when it comes to the chickens as they are known to get in fights or lodged in fencing. Walker seems happy with her new career stating “They're beautiful and really funny and better than TV, they're fun to watch. And they have great eggs!”.

    The L.A. Times covered a story in 2011 about the rise in chicken sitting jobs after a California woman established her own company. Easy Acres Chicken Sitting offered urban farmers peace of mind when they were out of town.

    The fees for the service started at around $20 per day.