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    Student Gives Back $1,800 Found in ATM

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    A student gives back $1,800 found in an ATM.

    Stumbling across a stack of cash is the dream of many people. A 21-year-old man in Delaware, Devon Gluck was shocked after a trip to the ATM gave him $1,800 extra dollars.

    He went to PNC Bank teller machine and keyed in the amount he wanted, which was only $40. After the ATM made some noise, a stack of cash came out totaling a lot more than two twenty dollar bills.

    Gluck, who is a college senior studying finance, was conflicted on what to do. His friends urged him to keep the cash while his father told him to give it back to the bank.

    He kept the money for 10 days, but his conscience got the best of him. It turned out that the money actually came from another’s student’s bank account.

    Last year, a Florida woman found 18 hundred dollars sticking out of an unsupervised Chase Bank ATM machine. She reported the money to police.

    The lady stated "We're going through tough times and whoever lost that money, you don't know if they need it to pay their house or to pay their groceries. So, you know I just wanted to get it to the right person”.