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    Wait Times at Airports Expected to Increase Dramatically

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    Wait times at airports are expected to raise significantly.

    Longer wait times at the airport will be the effect of an overtime ban, and a hiring freeze that will be implemented as part of budget cuts in April for the Transportation Security Administration or TSA.

    Waiting times at security checkpoints are expected to double during peak travel times that are usually eased by TSA officers working overtime.

    Not only is the TSA doing away with overtime and freezing hiring for airport screeners, the Federal Aviation Administration also plans to furlough air traffic controllers, and some smaller control towers could close indefinitely as a result.

    Over 200 smaller airports in the US plan to terminate air traffic controllers all together, leaving the pilots to coordinate landings and take offs for themselves.

    Automatic government wide spending cuts have reached over 85 billion dollars, with the airport travel security sector seeing a significant decrease in government funding.

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said: If you're traveling, get to the airport earlier than you otherwise would. There's only so much we can do with personnel, and please, don't yell at the customs officers or the TSA officers."