7 Quick 1-Minute Weight Loss Ideas

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Here are 7 quick, 1-minute weight loss ideas.

Weight control is hard and requires consistent discipline.But there are also many quick tips that go a long way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here are 7 quick 1-minute weight loss ideas according to Prevention dot com.

Number 7 – Many people believe diet shakes are a great way to cut calories. But liquid diets usually don’t last in the long run and the shortage of calories will only cause you to eat more later on..

Number 6 – Sprinkle some flaxseed on your cereal or yogurt. High in fiber, ground flaxseed can curb hunger, meaning you take in fewer calories.

Number 5 – Craving something sweet and oh-so-unhealthy for you? Well fool your taste buds by sucking on a eucalyptus or menthol cough drop which is said to abruptly stop those pesky cravings.

Number 4 – Watch a horror or spooky flick. The idea is that you eat more when angry or happy but less when fear takes over.

Number 3 – It might seem contradictory but indulge in a chunky soup. Filled with large veggie pieces, people who consume soap loaded with big vegetables feel more full than those who have a puree made from the same ingredients.

Number 2 – Grab a paper towel and start blotting away the oil. Pizza and other greasy foods contain high amounts of oil, and the simple act of soaking up the excess can eliminate about a teaspoon of grease or 40 calories.

Number 1 – Instead of having a full glass of your favorite juice, give yourself half of the usual amount and fill the other half with sparkling water. The easy process of diluting saves about 85 calories.