Universe Master - Mini Color LED Rotated Projector

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Product Link:http://www.plusbuyer.com/universe-master-projector-p-2166.html
Universe Master Color LED Light Projector

TFR-CG12-2GEN Highlights...

Universe LED Projector
Trendy and relaxing
Excellent mood lighting
3 modes
Shows off the sun and 8 real planets

Universe Master Color LED Light Projector: Get a moving LED universe in splendid colors for your home as an ambiance light!.

The Universe Master projector is a cool LED gadget for modern, fashionable, and stylish apartments. It reflects with precision the solar system on any surface - floor, table, wall, ceiling... The planets are well designed with their trajectory and pleasant to watch in motion. Several bright LEDs are located inside the projector to bring vivid colors and thus keep you in a good mood. In other words, your living room and bedroom will never be the same again... Gaze upon our beautiful universe while relaxing on your sofa or bed!

The Universe Master projector has 3 modes:
- Rotation mode: admire the whole solar system moving together in harmony.
- LED mode: see the universe under different angles with red, green and blue beams alternating randomly to create special visual effects.
- Rotation LED mode: fly from one planet to another and discover them changing colors as if you were voyaging in a dream!

Ideal as a gift for your relatives, your friends or as a trendy purchase for yourself, the Universe Master projector is in stock right now and available at a factory direct wholesale price. It is brought to you by the online leader of LED lighting and electronics, PlusBuyer.