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    Building Brick Style Mini Speakers for iPod - Black


    by plusbuyer

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    Building Brick Style Mini Speakers for iPod - Black

    We like building things. And we like celebrating our liking of building things. We normally build things with building blocks (not mentioning them by name, so no building brick mafia members will wreck our castles and stuff), so we love celebrating our love of building blocks. And here's the latest bit of love - Building Brick iPod Speakers.

    Looking just like a black building brick, this sucker just plugs into your iPod (supported models listed below) and that's that. The center bottom pegs are really volume up and down buttons. This little stereo speaker brick actually sounds great. Plug it in and show the world your love of building bricks - all while you rock it out.

    Building Brick iPod Speakers
    - A tiny speaker system for your iPod
    - No batteries needed
    - Hidden volume up and down buttons
    - Available in black color
    - Works with: iPod (3-5th Gen), iPod Nano (1-4th Gen), iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, and iPhone (all)
    - Dimensions: 62 mm x 25 mm x 14 mm
    - Weight: 20g