Nibiru Cross: Red Star Symbols


by novuso

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From the Rothschild family crest to the seal of the Bank of England and the symbol of The Vatican etc. There's a lot of these red star symbols everywhere. Our Sun is yellow white g7 main sequence star. Our sun would be portrayed as yellow instead of red and this red is everywhere in world power centers. Red is the color symbol of royalty and even in the US Flag. Red Chinese flag, red displayed in French and Russia as well. We role out the red carpet for celebrities and people of importance, presidents and kings. What is the meaning of these?

They are showing who owns the planet and that we are not alone. Our Red Star masters. Aliens who conquered the Earth thousands of years ago made humans into slaves and humans worshiped them as gods. In a way we still do worship them in different forms as money and power but not for much longer. Hue-manity will rise up and cast them down like the Red Devils they are.