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    Woman Dies from Gunshot Wound 30 Years Later

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    A woman dies from a gunshot wound 30 years later.

    A Pennsylvania woman, Linda J. Knauss recently passed away in the hospital after being shot 30 years ago.

    On the evening of April 12, 1982, she was wounded by a gunshot during an attempted robbery outside of a boutique in Harrisburg. The cause of the woman’s death went unnoticed at first but when investigators in the coroner's office received paperwork regarding the previous incident, they began looking into the circumstances.

    It was determined that she died from gunshot wound complications. The death ruling has now been deemed a homicide. Police have not yet made any arrests in the case.

    Earlier this year, a 62-year-old California man passed away from medical complications following a gunshot wound from 36 years earlier. His death was ruled as a homicide.

    Walter Johnson was left paralyzed following the 1977 incident where three men robbed him. Police were never able to identify the suspects but they were asking the public to come forward with any information.