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    7 'Good' Foods That Are Not So Good for You

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    Check out 7 good foods that are bad for you.

    With supermarkets stocked with thousands of products, it's hard to make good food choices. Here are 7 so called 'good foods' that actually may not be good for you according to Shape magazine.

    Number 7 – Flavored fat-free yogurt. Zero grams of fat doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy, as many fat-free flavored products contain high amounts of sugar. It is better to purchase fruit separately and then add them to plain yogurt.

    Number 6 – Dried fruit pieces. They often contain added amounts of sugar or sulfur. Although dried fruit does contain vitamins and minerals, it’s more filling to eat a piece of regular fresh fruit.

    Number 5 – Frozen diet meals have some benefits like pre-measured serving sizes and that convenience factor. However they may not be as healthy as advertised. They are usually riddled with preservatives, sodium and boast less-than-encouraging amounts of vegetables.

    Number 4 – Wheat bread isn’t always better than white. It's best to read the label carefully. If the label doesn’t list 100-percent whole wheat, then the loaf is most likely made from white bread with a tiny amount of wheat flour mixed in.

    Number 3 – Store bought fruit cocktails usually contain a sweet syrup that add additional amounts of unnecessary sugar and ultimately calories into someone’s diet. Fresh fruit slices or a homemade fruit salad – minus the syrup are much healthier choices.

    Number 2 – Although beans are a good way to get fiber and protein in your diet, baked canned beans aren’t always a great dietary choice. They may have excess sugar, sodium and additives. The best bet is the good-old fashioned method of making your own at home.

    Number 1 – Veggie burgers that are found in many restaurants and delis often contain high amounts of fatty butter and oil which bind the ingredients together. The serving size can also get in the way of dieting as many of these burgers are big enough to replace two whole meals.