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    TrakPower MS Series Brushless Racing Systems


    by HobbicoInc

    Designed specifically with 1/10 scale competition in mind, the TrakPower MS Brushless Racing System is perfect for on- and off-road vehicles, including touring cars, buggies, stadium racers and short course trucks. As you’ll see in this segment — the 500th video produced for the YouTube Hobbico Channel — its compact design allows easy installation into many platforms, including 4WD buggy. The system’s MS-1 ESC has an all-aluminum, machined case to maintain cool operating temperatures without a bulky heat sink or fan. The brushless motors feature a ribbed aluminum can to improve heat dissipation, plus vent holes that ensure sufficient air flow to maintain consistent temperatures. Mechanical timing allows you to tweak the performance. The system’s blinky mode meets ROAR requirements for Stock Class racing.

    TKPC6015 6.5T BL System MS-1 ESC/Motor
    TKPC6025 8.5T BL System MS-1 ESC/Motor
    TKPC6035 10.5T BL System MS-1 ESC/Motor
    TKPC6040 13.5T BL System MS-1 ESC/Motor
    TKPC6045 17.5T BL System MS-1 ESC/Motor
    TKPC6050 21.5 BL System MS-1 ESC/Motor