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    Sponsored Hell - Episode 319 - Comedy Show Jay Hind!


    by JayHind

    In this "Hellish" Episode of JayHind : What happened to Ajmal Kasab after he was hanged? Watch Live from Hell. What's the difference between JayHind & IPL? We are award Winning Chutiyapa without sponsors & they are Sponsored Chutiyapa. Balasaheb passed away & Mumbai roads were deserted, but Mumbai's other unwanted favorite Kasab died soon after - but before that democracy died when two young girls were arrested for their Facebook posts. Sumeet Recaps. In Laid Night News, Sachin discusses his future plans, becomes sentimental, cribs about Ponting & then gets pissed on Barakh Dutta. Keep laughing & follow us on twitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world.