Harlem Shake: Brave Unicorn Asian Parents Version

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The Brave Unicorn - Failure Is Not the End, but the Beginning: Kids Short Stories to help Conquer Failure
The Brave Unicorn (http://thebraveunicorn.com) is a five starred sold on Amazon (http://tinyurl.com/auco5d9) children's book that teaches people of all ages that when we encounter failure, it is not the end but merely the beginning of learning more about ourselves.
Kids short stories are a great way to introduce children to the magical world of learning. Kids short stories teach so much in a very entertaining way. It can be good to read kids short stories at virtually any time whether it be naptime or bedtime. Kids short stories can be funny or they can be serious. Parents can read kids short stories to their children or they are something that the children can have read to them while they are in school or daycare. Reading is a great way to connect with children and kids short stories do the trick because they are short enough to keep the child's attention the entire time. Kids short stories come in many genres and they open up the doors to a whole world of possibilities. The benefits that come from reading kids short stories to children are limitless.