Second Passports and Second

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Second Passports and Second Citizenships,Introduction -- -Yes you can have a second passport. Second Passports and Second Citizenships For most countries it is lawful to have a second passport and citizenship. Second Passports and Second Citizenships For as little as $39,500 (total fee, complete) you can obtain a citizenship complete with passport in one of the Nations we work with. Second Passports and Second Citizenships The passport is renewable for life in any embassy of the issuing country or you can return to the issuing country, your choice. There is no requirement as a citizen to spend any specific amount of time in the country. Second Passports and Second Citizenships We do NOT work with Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia or French Guiana. We do not work with Africa. We do work with established and well respected democratic nations. Second Passports and Second Citizenships Time frame is 10-15 days, depending on the program. Passports are good for Visa free travel to Central and South America, the entire European Union, most of the Caribbean, most of Africa, and Asia. These passports are NOT good for visa free travel to USA or Canada. Second Passports and Second Citizenships We offer nothing for the USA or Canada. You do have to come to the issuing country. This is for fingerprints, photographs and signatures. At the end of the process (10 - 15 days later) you leave with passport and supporting citizenship documents. You can verify that your documents and citizenship exist in the government computer database. Your home country will not be notified of your second passport.Second Passports and Second Citizenships

Economic Citizenships -- This is just one of several approaches that can be used to obtain a second citizenship and passport. There are other approaches available as well. Everything is lawful. Nations are allowed to set their own legal basis for issuing citizenships and passports. There are no international controls covering this. These are sovereign matters specific to each nation. There are one or two countries offering economic based citizenships that like to state that they have the only lawful way to a second passport or a second citizenship. These statements are 100% untrue as in a lie, and are nothing more than marketing noise generated by the sellers of such services. There are many more countries offering economic citizenships.
Second Passports and Second Citizenships

Second Passports and Second Citizenships

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