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    Drug Cannon Used for Throwing Drugs Over Border Seized

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    A drug cannon located in the back of a truck is seized by Mexican police.

    Drug smugglers are coming up with creative ways to get narcotics across the border. Recently, police in Mexicali discovered a large makeshift cannon that was used to fire marijuana across a border fence and into California.

    The apparatus utilized plastic piping which was attached to a cylinder, metal tank that used compressed air from the engine of a car. The cannon resided in the bed of an orange Dodge Ram pickup.

    It fired packages filled with drugs – some that weight as much as 28 pounds. Law enforcement authorities received a tip concerning a vehicle had been seen traveling on a highway with a cannon in the back.

    When officers arrived, the vehicle’s occupants abruptly took off, leaving their vehicle and cannon behind for police to confiscate.

    Late last year, United States border patrol officials discovered 33 cans filled with marijuana near the Mexican border. The containers were found in a field before the drug runners snatched them up.

    Officers believed that these canisters were shot approximately 500 feet from a pneumatic-powered cannon, located in Mexico.