D.C. Vending Machine Dispenses Booze Instead of Soda

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

A vending machine in Washington D.C. dispenses booze.

A Pepsi vending machine in Washington D.C. had been dispensing a little more than soda. Police discovered that the machine, located in the Northeast neighborhood of Trinidad was spewing out malt liquor, giving underage drinkers an easy access to booze.

A law enforcement officer had told neighbors about the finding and had the vending machine disabled, but thus far no one is sure who is responsible or how the alcohol made its way in the vending box. It had been functioning and dispensing $3 bottles of alcohol for several months.

Police authorities have asked the property owner to have the vending machine removed.

In 2002, the town of Clifton in Virginia encountered a similar issue. A soda machine had been donated to the town meeting hall. On top of selling 75- cent Pepsis and Cokes, the machine was also dispensing cans of Budweiser for $1.00.

Panicked that small children could buy the alcohol, local residents contacted council authorities. Even the mayor was informed about the vending machine who vowed to have it taken care of.