A Self-Sustaining New Home Design

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

The Isolée house is an eco-friendly and modern home.

The Isolée House is a new design described as a self-sufficient residence.

The tiny structure is essentially a ‘smart house’ which incorporates a unique, solar tree-like device into the functional aspect, meaning very little to no fuel is required. That tree protrudes from the home’s roof, containing circular photovoltaic panels which generate energy from the sun into the residence.

The exterior is comprised of long, thick shutters which are controlled by electric motors that are monitored by a computer system run on solar power. They can be opened or closed given the homeowner’s preference, but they allow for natural light and can automatically close when a storm is approaching.

A wood burning stove helps to heat the residence while LED lights utilize rechargeable batteries. The designer states “Isolée is anchored to the landscape on just four points, as would a cabinet. The Isolée creates permanence, but with an engineered beauty that is aesthetically inspired by nature and harmonizes mankind’s relationship with the world.”

Three levels make up the interior, connected by a diagonal staircase. A living room encompasses the first level, while the kitchen area is on the second floor. The bedroom is located on the third story along with a bathroom and terrace.