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    Jeans Change Color When Body Temperature Changes

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    New jeans change color when body temperature changes.

    Jeans revolutionized fashion but the core product has essentially remained the same.

    Denim design company, Naked & Famous, however, defines the term “thinking out of the box”.

    The designers recently released a line of jeans that can change color when the body temperature of the wearer changes.

    Described as thermochromic jeans, the pairs are blue when the person is cold, but when temperatures rise, they become lighter, eventually turning white.

    The jeans possess a dye which contains a certain type of molecule that can alter the shades based solely on surrounding temperature. The new denim line is filed under a collection titled ‘Weird Guy’. They are available at Barney’s New York and come with a hefty retail price of $240.00.

    The same company released a pair of men’s jeans that give off a raspberry scent. Essentially, Naked & Famous created a line of scratch and sniff jeans. The jeans contained a scented coating on the exterior and according to the designers, the smell could still be obtained after 5 washes.

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