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    OH Technology - Austin, TX United States
    Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. This is especially true when you hire Catherine Englander and OH TECHNOLOGY to handle your individual and small business technology concerns.

    We all know the challenges ever-changing developments in technology present us:

    Why can't I have an IT department of my own?Is there a better computer program to meet my needs?
    Why aren't my computer/printer, smart phone and Blackberry working?
    Is my equipment up to date?What is the best technology to buy for my individual needs?
    Is my information safe and secure?
    How does this work?Are you kidding?
    I can't understand a word this techie is saying and there is no way I can spend an hour in the computer store.
    What does this instructional manual mean anyway?
    Wouldn't you know it? This is due right now and the thing won't work. HELP!

    If you recognize any of these statements, then OH TECHNOLOGY is here for you. Prompt, reliable and courteous service at reasonable rates.