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    Call of Duty Zombies: Can you Survive? - Call Of The Dead Challenge - Lighthouse Part 1!!!


    by predictableNOVA

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    Here's a small series I wanted to start out called "Can you Survive?" It's basically simple. Give a challenge starting with the sentence saying "Can you Survive..." and than go on about your challenge. This challenge was requested, and figured I start on it with a few people :)

    Your challenge will be accepted and I myself or a team will try to accomplish it, the maximum rounds to "complete the survival" varies from round 20-30 (depending the challenge). Once reached at that point, than it's official that your challenge request CAN Survive from the living dead... Now, who's ready for some action!?

    I do hope that you will enjoy it!

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    the other two need to send me their YT channel!