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    Healthloop: How Medical Liability Slows Down Health Care



    Healthloop: How Medical Liability Slows Down Health Care
    National Journal - Newseum
    Join National Journal and a panel of experts for a forum exploring the future of the healthcare delivery model and its impact on Medicare costs.Today, many people on Medicare suffer from multiple conditions, and the varying needs of these patients are not always met by the current system. At a time of daunting fiscal challenges, the debate surrounding Medicare mostly concerns budget issues. Largely absent from these budget discussions is a close examination of the role the actual model of healthcare delivery will play in improving care and achieving solvency. In order to accommodate modern circumstance, should Washington let go of the "fee-for-service" mentality and instead focus on innovation? Can developing a better healthcare delivery model for patients both improve the quality of healthcare and cut costs? When it comes to Medicare, should Washington shift its focus from budget to structure?