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    Best Green Tea Extract Damian Alexander, MD discusses Which is the Best Green Tea Extract

    Damian Alexander

    by Damian Alexander

    If you are chronically tired, then you should watch this video right now:

    In this video I will discuss
    Which is the Best Green Tea Extract

    Green tea is best used both as a hot beverage and as a whole leaf extract
    Constant long term use of green tea and green tea extract is most beneficial
    Early in the morning for the green
    tea extract
    And throughout the day for the beverage
    Green tea extracts are non-toxic, produce few side effects, are widely available,
    and are cheap
    Like coffee, green tea has many biologically active components
    The ratios between them can vary substantially
    This is why green tea extracts are standardized for active compounds
    I use both the green tea extract and the hot beverage
    I use the green tea extract
    Because it is standardized
    And I can be sure of the quantity of the active components
    I drink the beverage
    Because hot tea offers additional benefits when compared to a pill
    For example, it benefits the body through heat
    A lot of the energy the human body produces is spent on the production of heat - thermogenesis
    By supplying the body with a warm liquid
    You are essentially serving it clean energy
    This is heat the body would have produced anyway
    And you have just sparred it the effort
    You have also sparred it the effort of
    cleaning the mess from producing that energy
    Combining a green tea pill with the beverage
    Also increases active constituent dispersal
    This means green tea components can reach more of your body
    Decades of research show that
    Green tea inhibits the development of undesirable cell colonies
    Cancer cells fall under this category
    Additionally, green tea components help maintain DNA and membrane structural integrity
    This means green tea supports health from the cellular level upwards
    It was also found that increased beta-oxidation (fat burning) in the liver by catechins (green tea components)
    Was associated with the reduction of
    intra-abdominal body fat
    Intra-abdominal body fat is known to secrete factors causing various chronic diseases
    Therefore, its reduction will reduce the risk of lifestyle-related chronic diseases
    In line with this, other studies have found green tea extracts to
    Reduce blood pressure in females and males without changing their lifestyles
    The consistent ingestion of green tea extract is what produces the highest benefits
    In summary, the best green tea extract is one which is standardized for active ingredients
    And, most importantly, is produced by a reputable manufacturer

    In this video you have learned
    Which is the Best Green Tea Extract