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    Opening To Chill Factor VHS(2000)


    by DavidTheMovieLover

    Here Are The VHS Openings For Chill Factor, And In Order:

    1. FBI Warning Screen
    2. DVD Video Commercial
    3. A Slight Case Of Murder Trailer
    4. The Astronaut's Wife Trailer
    5. Eyes Wide Shut(Now Shown Just In Case Of Explicit Content Matches)
    6. Three Kings Trailer
    7. Introductng Dorothy Dandridge Trailer
    8. Stigmata Trailer
    9. 1997 Warner Home Video Logo
    10. Aspect Ratio
    11. Warner Bros. Pictures Logo
    12. Morgan Creek Logo

    P.S., Everything Belongs To Their Original Copyright Holders. I Do Not Own Anything. So No Copyright Intended What So Ever.