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    Its You! By Frankie Tracery & Puzzle!

    Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! Is Mega Hot!
    Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! Gives What they Got!
    Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! Has That Raw Soul!

    Raw Soul Frankie Tracerly is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and producer, known primarily for his recordings with the soul and Funk Band,Puzzle!

    Tracerly's onstage attire (all-white custom designed and made, casual clothing, including slacks, long-sleeved shirt, and a baseball cap) has become his signature dress style over the years.
    Raw Soul!.
    The sound of: Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! is distinctive -- passionate, creative, original, soulful, honest and powerful. For nearly Twenty years Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! have created a unique sound and become one of the most influential groups in modern history. "We've made it this far because we love and respect ourselves and our fans!

    The group: Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! gained worldwide appeal with its legendary sold-out live appearances, and released the deluxe album Live in Brooklyn which captured the energy, excitement and electricity of a Puzzle stage show!

    Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle! & Funkman(funk7779)! Are From 185 Arshley Loop, Apt 17 B, 11207-The High-Rise Starrett City Public Housing Projects of East Brooklyn In NewYork!

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    **(Special Thanks To The Producer: Funkman(funk7779))**

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    Louie Gordy’s Funktown 25: Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow!

    Louie Gordy!-The Music! & The Magic!

    A Special Thanks To The FunkTown Records Head: Louie Gordy who Signed
    Frankie Tracerly & Puzzle!!- To The Label! & Sparky Robinson (FunkTown Records Singer & Composer-From Sparky Robinson & the Wonderfuls!)

    Louie Gordy! –A Man Of Vision!-Drive!-Talent! & Determination!

    Louie Gordy's Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World!

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