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    UFO's: E.T. is ready and waiting. Lets Go...


    by heavenlymotion

    To see 100 hours of films of u.f.o.'s from the last twelve months copy and paste this link...

    An ongoing updating of the latest u.f.o. and e.t. activity being uploaded to the internet.

    These compilations are for the convenience of mother's with young children who want to see the evidence for ufo's but haven't got the time to wade through the daily uploads.

    some mothers put baby in front of a front-loading washing machine while doing other things.

    if you can hook up the computer to a flat screen telly give her or him a REAL spectacle

    resize the browser so that it is just the film screen that is displayed on the computer then increase the view size and see how much more impressive these short clips are when viewed on a bigger screen

    It is your delightful privilege to explain what is happening and what it means.
    If you're not sure what it all means yourself visit and get the gen.
    Best, John.