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    Jack Hannon


    by PressTV



    Talat Jabin
    Jacks mum is one of my closest friends and I am a practising Muslim who wears traditional dress and a headscarf. She is one of the most open minded kindest and respectful person I have met. She absolutely respects my religion and she has never had any issues with "being Muslim" but rather the unnecessary maligning she is receiving in Jack's plight to embrace Islam. Muslims are fully aware that the Quran teaches respect towards your mother and paradise lies at a mothers feet. Embracing Islam does not go hand in hand with maligning and hurting a mother. Hopefully Jack will understand this on his journey to Islam. His mum Jean is obviously very upset by the remarks made as is her partner Ian. It also vey wrong for these channels to allow a child under 18 years to conduct such interviews without the knowledge and permission of parents and to allow a child to publicise defamatory comments without checking the accuracy of these matters.
    By Talat Jabin2 years ago
    “Honor your father and mother.
    By dm_5174032a996233 years ago
    and you know who ian and jean is yes jeans your mum .
    By dm_5174032a996233 years ago
    jack you seem somewhat deluded you seem to be very unhappy about your mother and seem to blame her for rejecting your form of islam.your mum isn't bothered about your religion u follow but what she and I am bothered about is you making comments about racism so please ensure you remove this or the police will be called and your hatered reported esp as it borders on racism that you seem to project here and on other places on the net towards your mum is very dangerous and unacceptable esp as its not true. you know that the police have records of your activity towards your mum and this is fact. you know your mum sent u money/clothes even the clothes u were wearing in this video to make sure u are looked after.she told you to go live with your father because you were violent towards her and me.ian and jean
    By dm_5174032a996233 years ago